“Nobody Can Ever Disrespect My Woman To My Face” – Man Engaged To Plus-size Woman

July 9, 2016


A man whose engagement photos went viral on social media owing to the size of his lady has open up on his undying love for his wife-to-be which surpasses physical appearance.

Remember these pre-wedding photos of a Ghanaian couple that broke the internet early this week?


While people were awed by the muscular guy’s so-called courage in marrying a plus-size woman, others engaged in full blown fat shaming.

The groom-to-be, Kojo Prince has spoken out on why he chose Abena, his full figured fiancee. He also said that peopel don’t make fun of the disparity in their size in his presence because he will NEVER allow anyone disrespect his woman while he is alive.


The love struck man is a construction worker, which may explain why he was able to successfully lift her up.

Speaking to Kwadjo Panyin, he just couldn’t stop heaping praises on his rubenesque lover. Read the very interesting interview below:

KP: Have you had any of your friends and family complain or say negative things about your relationship?

Kojo: Well my family has no problem with whomever you intend getting married to. Once the love is true and genuine, my family is so cool with anybody we bring home or introduce to them as a fiancé or fiancée

KJ: What do you love about her the most?

Kojo: I love her size. In fact almost everything about her makes me love her. She has a warm heart, caring, loving and above all God-fearing.

KJ: And have you had your friends or strangers make fun of her size?

Kojo: Maybe at my back but not in my face. Because I wouldn’t allow anybody disrespect my woman in my face.

KJ: Also, how does she feel about her size in relation to yours?

Kojo: She is always happy with how she looks. She doesn’t care about what people say about her. Never! It took me a whole year and some months to win her heart. It wasn’t easy bro lol

KJ: Who keeps your relationship alive? So what keeps the relationship going?

Kojo: Prayers bro. Every relationship has its ups and downs but when you entrust it into the hands of God he does all the miracles without you stressing.

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