The Reason Will Shock You: Nigeria mother leaves These Beautiful triplets at hospital

July 13, 2016


A Lagos housewife, Mrs Gloria Okore, who was prematurely delivered of 2 girls and a boy 7 weeks ago, has lost one of the triplets.

This comes after a private hospital in Lagos detained mother and children for failing to pay up the balance N35,000 she owed in hospital bills. Mrs Okore blamed the harsh economic situation for their inability to make the required payment as her husband who hawks used clothes (okrika) for a living, only managed to come up with N85,000 out of the N120,000 required hospital bill.

Whilst speaking to Vanguard, the new mother said:

“I had the triplets through normal delivery, but the babies were born prematurely. We were charged N120,000. My husband hawks fairly-used clothes (okrika). It took him time to raise N85,000, which he paid in installments. “I am from Owerri in Imo State, while my husband is from Abia State. We got married three years ago. Before I had these triplets, I had twins who died immediately after birth. When I was pregnant for the triplets, I was very sick; I could not walk long distance because my belly was very big.”

The 27-year-old went further to appeal to the government and well meaning Nigerians to help offset the debt and take care of the remaining children.

I want government to help pay the balance of the hospital bills and also help us with basic necessities for the babies. Right now I cannot work because the babies are still young.” She said.

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