The Secret Behind Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity Trick Is Incredible!

July 9, 2016

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MJ is undoubtedly the greatest star of the recent past. He rocked everyone with his music and dance style. Do you remember his anti-gravity lean? Finally it has been uncovered how he achieved this illusion.

The Televisual Entertainer


Hands down! No one can ever beat Micheal Jackson when it comes to pop music. He was definitely more than an ordinary pop-star. He rocked everyone with his music. He had catchy songs that he wrote to compliment to the upbeat music with an incredible dance that the world just loved. One of his iconic dance moves was the anti-gravity lean he did in his most memorable “Smooth Criminal” music video. No one would have forgotten this legend’s ultimate dance moves even after a decade after his demise. Would you be shocked like us to know it was a trick? Find out more now!

The Secret Of The Genius Invention


Did you ever notice the stylish and sleek shoes MJ used in the song? Are you able to make a connection now? If not, here is more for the nerdy you: In 1992, MJ and his business partners, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush designed the magical shoes for Michael Jackson. Both Dennis and Micheal bush were key to MJ’s style. They have designed and created thousands of fashionable outfits for Micheal Jackson. They were the only people privileged to design his personal and on-stage outfits. The shoe in the “Smooth Criminal” was artistically created to make Micheal Jackson float in the air in the song. Their crafted design never gave away the trick. They suited Micheal Jackson’s style and trend.

Thoughtfully Designed


The shoes were extremely thoughtfully designed by the craftsmen. They made sure that Micheal Jackson had his flexibility unaltered. They changed the upper part of the shoes to suit MJ’s ankles. They worked perfectly. They also supported Micheal’s ankle to let him move around with ease. Unbelievably light. Most audiences would have never expected such a futuristic shoe back in history. Today, some dancers use visual effects in their stage and video performances. They are obvious effects that even a kid would find. The shoes of Micheal Jackson were totally insusceptible!

The Powerful Heel


The heel of the shoe had a lot more to it! It was unlike any other simple heel on the shoe. The heels carefully confined his incredible move! In fact, the heel was the most important part of his designer shoe. The whole shoe was artistically hidden on the floor with the help of the shoes. They had multiple nails on the floor that kept the shoe from moving from one place. That is exactly how Micheal Jackson was able to move forward without falling! We never had a second glance at the shoes until now!

The Pop King!


Micheal Jackson was a real genius. His multi-millionaire earning dance move was carefully crafted without a doubt His move paired with his Moonwalk style, shook the dance world forever! His move without falling was the biggest mysteries for centuries. He was the first person ever to combine technology with art. Hats off to the King of pop for creating the most stunning optical illusion!

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