Guy Intentionally Lets Her Girlfriend Falls Off A High Cliff And Here’s Why!


A short clip of a guy letting his girlfriend falls off a cliff has been making it waves on the internet. Many hated the guy for what he did. But it appears that the footage isn’t what it seems to be.

The couple was filmed having a good time on top of a high cliff overseeing a beautiful turquoise water. It’s supposed to be a romantic moment for the two, but when the guy’s girlfriend tried to jump off the cliff and slips, he reacts in the most shocking way.

cliff diving 2

The woman tried to jump off into the pristine waters below. But as she prepares to dive in, she hesitated and lost her balance.

She then slips and grabs her boyfriend’s ankle for support.cliff diving 1
But instead of giving his support, he doesn’t give a damn and quickly pulls his leg away!cliff diving 3
With nothing to hold onto, the girl slides down and completely falls off the cliff.
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