Photo : See The Richest Witch-doctor Who Never Misses Church


An African witch-doctor (juju woman) who is very popular and rich in Kenya for her voodoo has made shocking revelations about herself.
Annah Mutheu is a very rich witch-doctor living an extravagant lifestyle unlike many in her profession. The woman lives in a lavish home she estimated to be worth Sh40 million (N127m) and has a fleet of cars and often jets in and out of the country like a corporate high-flier.
According to The Nairobian, the popular  witch-doctor from Kenya does not miss church service as she revealed she inherited the trade from her parents .
Most people assume that witch-doctors are poor and lead miserable lives. That is not the case. I am a woman of means and my juju business has made me rich,” the former student at Katwii Primary School confessed to The Nairobian.
According to her, the Bible helps her a lot in healing her clients and that she never misses church on Sundays.
The 39-year-old witch doctor who only made it to primary school also revealed that she is religious to the core and attends church without fail. She attributes her success to the fact that she is inspired by God in her work.
She helps people in business prosperity, finding jobs, cure diseases, break curses etc. She is very popular in Kenya as many attests to the fact that her medicine (juju) works
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