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These 4 Men Wearing Feminine Makeup Will Prove To You That Men Too Can Be Pretty!

Many perceive makeup to be an exclusive reserve for women… well, except when men are on set for a shoot of some sort.

However, a few men seem to be experimenting with makeup and its not the light manly type of make up…

Check out these four photos of men rocking make-up flawlessly.

1. EJ Johnson is the son of American basketball star, Magic Johnson and he is gay. Aside that, he prefers to enhance his feminine side more."Orange Is The New Black" New York City Premiere

2. This photo was spotted on Instagram displaying the transformation of a young Nigerian man.

Men makeup

3. Make up artists sometimes explore their talents on unusual canvases.

Makeup men

4. This make up artist uses his own face for some of his trials and the results are not half bad.

Make upmen


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