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Hot S*x: 5 Tested and Confirmed Things You Should Take to Last Long in Bed


S*x is pleasurable; it is an essential part of dating. While it may not represent the major reason for being in a relationship, it carries so much weight its presence or absence has the ability to wreck a relationship.
S*x, being an important aspect of dating, is an area men particularly love to lord over. Men by default are egoistic, having a poor s*xual performance rubs hard on their ego.Most men love to be in charge; even the calm ones seem to have a different attitude when it comes to s*xual escapades. Men love to display their strengths and show their skills when it comes to s-x.It is not only embarrassing to get in the act and spill the beans even before digging deep, it is humiliating for ladies to want more without being able to deliver.

Premature ejaculation not only inhibits the s*xual satisfaction of both the man and woman, it withers their zeal for s*x until their s-x pattern changes.

Men have however grown beyond this limitation. They have found ways to improve their s-xual health and prevent premature ej-culation from holding them back. Find some of the things men take to prevent premature ejaculation:

5. Revnol (Refnol)Also known as the blue pills, this drug is being used by many men to boost or improve their *-xual health. It has also been reported to be used for ladies as it makes them more charged s-xually.
4. SkooshesIn Nigeria, skooshes or scooshes as it is being called is a drink that resembles the Nigerian wine-colored drink called Zobo. It is in fact, Zobo; however, with more additives than the common drink being sold here and there. Skooshes is made from a blend of Zobo, Marijuana, Codeine and local rum. As dangerous as the ingredients of this blend are, it is being sold at various bars around Nigeria.According to findings, men are able to record better performances during s*x after drinking this blend. This blend was also reported to have the ability to delay ejaculation until the men are fully satiated.

3. TramadolAlthough this is a drug originally made to reduce pain, severe pain, men have been able to generate more use for it especially when it comes to their sexual health.

Tramadol is not to be consumed with alcohol, sedatives or tranquilizers as the drug ingredients do not interact well with the mentioned compounds. However, many of the men out there know how to use this drug to their advantage.

2. Monkey TailIf you are a Nigerian and one who is familiar with the Nigerian music, then this name might have been heard from one or two songs played around.Men often take Monkey tail when they want to spice up the s*xual experience in or out of the bedroom. Shockingly, the “Monkey-Tail” is a locally made blend of gin and Indian hemp.

And what is more shocking is the rate at which men take this blend in order to enhance libido and prevent premature ejaculation.

Although there are a few drugs aimed at correcting premature ejaculation in the society, it is alarming that this is what most of the men in the society could relate with as they are sure of its effectiveness after the end use.

1. AlcoholAlcohol is another drink consumed by men in their bid to prevent premature ejaculation and boost their libido. Alcohol normally, when consumed in excess has the potentials to fill people with courage. Most people see beyond their limitations when they drink, this is referred to as Dutch-Courage.During s-x, alcohol has the ability to delay the orgasm of some men and in few cases, prevent the men from ejaculating at all. Thus, men are able to attempt more rounds of s-x after consuming it.

Although, there are a few drugs aimed at correcting premature ejaculation in the society, it is alarming that this is what most of the men in the society could relate with as they are sure of its effectiveness.Caution: Make sure you properly find out the side effects of any of the drugs in this list before taking them.
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  • Reply Adesina Surajudeen October 19, 2016 at 6:37 am

    Really….hope this drug does nt have side effect

  • Reply Adesina Surajudeen October 19, 2016 at 6:39 am

    Are u sure it won’t cause damage to our health

  • Reply chinedu December 21, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    all above listed is real, but there is more like codine mix with cocoacola soft drink or sprit mix with declofenac tablet, mostly consumd by same malams that is carrying load there says that it give them strength to do there job more than others drugs or alcohol can do, even some married men and females takes it for a better s3xual performance, but boys and girls now consum it more than the malams.

  • Reply kenneth November 12, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    tramadol is the best for men

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