“I knew He Was A Wife Beater, But I Married Him Because I Loved Him” – Nigerian Woman


A battered woman, Tina Michelle Obiora, who left her husband because of his violence has shared her story on


She admits the man showed signs of being a woman beater before she married him, but blinded by love, she ignored the signs and went ahead to marry him.

Read the full story below:

So I went to see my daughter yesterday in her fathers house and he beat me black and blue because my daughter wanted to follow me home and I insisted on taking her home. (I had to drop her with her father a week ago because she had missed him and was crying to be with him)

My clothes were torn (thank God i wore a singlet), I lost one of my chains, earrings and wristwatch, and of course my body feels like someone the whole Nigerian army pounded on.

My daughter (3years old) was turn between 2 pple she loves, she was confused because she don’t know who to support or what to feel, so she just started crying “Mummy, Daddy” on a normal day if a friend drags stuff with me or my siblings she would say “Leave my mummy alone” and start fighting you. My heart broke for her that night but I couldn’t do anything. I hope she forgives me and her father for bringing her into our mess.

Worst of all after that he called the police on me that I came to his house to fight him, and they should lock me and jail me… etc, of course they came with their patrol team.

He wanted them to lock me in the cell that night and probably take me to jail, that I am a treat to his life.

Nnamdi Chris has always been sad that I stood back in life after we seperated and took carr of our daughter with none to little contribution from him, he has always wanted me to crawl on my feet and beg for suckor from him.

Buh in all, that didn’t happen because the police didn’t buy his story and they thought it was a different matter when he called, they didn’t know it was a case of a child.

I’m home buh I am heart broken, for the mistakes I made by chosen a woman beater as a husband who also feels he can beat me anytime he likes.

I wish Nigerian government, the police, would sit up and stop this mess, irrespective of whomever bribes them.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t have made the mistake of allowing a failure father my child because I saw this signs and overlooked them (Smokes indian hemp, clubs, drinks, party hard and womanizes alot)

Nnamdi Chris Nwachukwu (Facebook name: Exola Incs), thank you for making my life miserable at an early age of 21 when I married you…

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