Ladies only: Magic uses of waist beads that will blow your mind


Let us face the fact, waist beads are indeed very powerful and charming instrument on a woman. They are very common among women in the Krobo land in the Eastern Region of Ghana, the Akan women, and other ethnic groups in Ghana. Waist beads are also very common among Yoruba women of Nigerian and other African countries.
Some women decide to wear them in their numbers whilst others choose to wear just one. This beautiful African masterpiece is made from recycled broken bottles and rubber.
The actual brain behind the wearing of waist beads was to determine or check weight, so when the beads get loose, you know you have lost weight and when they get tighter, you know you are putting on. Also, it is believed that when a woman wears waist beads, it makes her body look very curvy.
But in the olden days, ladies used to wear them in multiples so they could rattle as they walk to send a signal to their male counterparts. The magic here is that the sound that the beads make as they rattle send signals to the men’s brain and then down to their manhood to ejaculate.
One of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life is a naked woman with beads around her waist, in fact, it is a good sight to behold. Some women wear them tight on their bikini lines whilst others wear them loosely so that they can rest on the v-boot.
In some homes, ladies wear different types of beads to send a signal or communicate to their partners.
Some women have a particular type of bead they wear when they are in their period, so when her lover sees that, straight away, he knows what the woman is going through.
There are other beads women wear to make them look sexy, these beads are normally made like crystals, due to how they glitter, when the man sees it, he roots.
There are other beads that women wear to send signals to their partners that they are not ready…Usually, when a woman wears that beads, it indicates no sex!
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It is also believed that after the first round of sex if the man starts praying and touching the beads on the woman’s waist it awakens the manhood for a second round.
Last but not least, when a man is sexually weak, listen very carefully, just insert his manhood between the beads and the lady’s skin; normally from behind, the man should give himself ten minutes, the magic powers of the beads would enter his body and let his manhood stand at attention!
Ladies, please do not underestimate the magic of waist beads! buy yours now, they are very important.
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