Nigerians : See Why it is Good to eat your chicken or meat before rice does to your body


The next time you are served with any carbohydrate meal like rice, yam, garri, semovita, etc it is advisable to eat the meat, fish or whatever added protein was used in serving the meal first before the carbohydrate. This discovered fact is for everybody not only for diabetes patients.

A recent research carried out at the Kansai Electric Power Medical Research Institute by some Japanese researchers confirmed that eating meat and fish before rice assists in controlling the level of blood sugar in people living with diabetes because it slows down the stomach. The researchers after the conducted experiments are certain that diabetes prevention and treatment may be possible if therapy on diet concentrates on the sequence of food intake.

In their three days research, they gathered two groups of persons. The first group say groupA comprised of 12 patients with type 2 diabetes while groupB comprised of 10 healthy people. In the first test, grilled beef, boiled mackerel and rice where given to the subjects in which the rice was eaten before the meat and fish. After the meal, the group monitor increased in blood sugar level four hours later.

In the second test, when the grilled beef and boiled mackerel were consumed 15 minutes before the rice, the sugar levels for groupA and groupB were 30percent and 40percent lower respectively compared with when they ate the rice first. Amazing!!

From their findings, eating fish and beef first promoted the secretion of incretin, a gastrointestinal hormone, which slowed stomach motility and thus the rise in blood sugar. Several other studies note that vegetarian and vegan (no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey) diets help prevent, control, and even reverse diabetes.

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