OMG !!! Chinese man pays N283m bride price in CASH at wedding



On Saturday, September 3, wedding guests were left in awe as 6m yuan (N283m) was presented in cash as bride price at a local wedding in Fuzhou, China.

The groom is a young man called Chen who is the son of a rich local entrepreneur who made a fortune from real estate and footwear in Guangzhou.

The rich groom and his family decided to gift the bride’s family with the large sum. They refused to do a bank transfer and instead made a presentation of the money during the ceremony for all to see.

Reports say that there were 50 plus tables at the wedding for all their relatives, friends and some locals. Some people even gave the wedding guests a small cash sum as souvenirs.

Wow! This bride must really be worth every yuan! Unfortunately there are no released pictures of the couple yet but from the price alone, this woman has really stolen this guy’s heart.

Ladies, how many of you would like the same to happen to you? N283m cash given to your family while other guests are left envious of your husband’s wealth.

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