The Reason why This University Student Chops off His P*nis… Will Shock you

September 15, 2016


A man has landed in serious trouble after chopping off his private parts. But, his reason has left people shocked.
A 25-year-old university student is in serious pains after chopping off his p*nis. He is now recuperating at Homa Bay County Hospital, Kenya.
According to the Nairobian, Joseph Odero Olajo, who is awaiting graduation in December, allegedly inserted his manh00d through a nut in an attempt to ward off witchcraft.
Explaining what happened, Olajo, whose ancestral home is Got Jope Village in Mbita Sub-county, but who has been living with his maternal grandmother in Kabondo Kasipul Constituency, claims his uncles are out to bewitch him.
He further added that he did what he did to protect himself. In his mind, inserting his penis in the nut would act as a shield against evil spirits that may be sent to hurt him.
“I saw the nut near my grandmother’s door and remembered what my grandfather used to tell me about its magical powers. He had told me that such objects can protect an individual from evil,” he claimed, adding that, “I wanted to keep the nut in my pocket, but changed my mind for fear of losing it. I finally decided to keep it around my penis so that nobody could get wind of my secret,” he told Campus Vibe.
Olajo claims that his uncles planned to kill him because he is brilliant and full of prospects.
“There is a belief that if you are a bright son of a migogo (married daughter of the clan), you can take away blessings meant for your maternal uncles’ children. That is why one of the uncles wanted to use magic powers to ruin my life. I had to protect myself,” claimed Olajo.
He narrated how he inserted his penis in the nut. Unknown to him, what was meant to protect him would cause him untold pain. Olajo lost consciousness a day after inserting his p*nis in the nut.
He was allegedly found lying helpless at around 7pm, with his private part swollen and misshaped. After gaining consciousness, he was forced to reveal to his grandmother the source of his troubles, before he was rushed to hospital.
Explaining how they removed the nut, Homa Bay Medical Superintendent Francis Ochieng’ said: “We had to surgically remove the nut. We have now connected his urinary tubes to enable him go for short calls as the wounds heal,” said Ochieng’.
The incident left resident of Homa Bay County in shock.
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