See The Foods That You Eat Everyday That Are Killing You Slowly

September 7, 2016



When it comes to the foods you shouldn’t be eating, it would be simple for me to point to the obvious. Bacon, for example, regardless of its deliciousness…well, on EVERYTHING will eventually double your risk of stroke if you eat it every day.

And convenience, deep-fried foods are no better. Donuts, French fries, and chicken wings not only threaten your waistline; the deep-frying process actually leaves food infused with toxic chemicals that put you at risk of chronic inflammatory conditions and certain types of cancer.

We all know that we should eat better. But if you think you’re eating healthy yet the following ten foods make up most of your diet—think again! So as much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it’s prime time you discovered the hidden dangers of these popular North American foods…


Here Are The 10 Everyday Foods That Are Slowly Killing You!


1. Canned Tomato Sauce

You might not associate canned tomatoes and tomato sauces with high fructose corn syrup when you’re making spaghetti and meatballs.  However, when it comes to hidden sources of sugar, your favorite canned tomato sauce is likely one of the sweetest culprits, secretly contributing to increased rates of obesity, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and dental decay. To top your pasta with a healthier sauce, check labels for a low sugar, low sodium tomato sauce or make your own using fresh tomatoes and herbs.




2. Soda

The sugary soda bomb is not your friend. It’s not kind to your waistline. It’s not gentle on your teeth. And it wreaks chaos on your skin, your hormones, your anxiety levels, and your blood glucose.  Each fizzy can you guzzle down is null and void of nutritional benefits, unless you consider about 10 teaspoons of refined sugar in your best interest. Soft drinks also contain hearty doses of artificial food dyes and preservatives like BVO (brominated vegetable oil). So do yourself a favor the next time you’re thirsty for a satisfying fizz, pour a tall glass of sparkling water and add a splash of lemon, lime, or 100-percent fruit juice.





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