See how a Guy Dislocated His Knee After Kickboxing Demonstration Goes Horribly Wrong



Martial Arts is a deadly weapon, that’s why it must be used with discipline and care at all times. However despite the caution, a tiny miscalculation could cripple a person such as this kickboxing demonstrationthat goes horribly wrong.

This is supposed to be a practice session for these two.Muay Thai 3
But when the Muay Thai teacher executed a low lick as a demonstration, something went wrong…Muay Thai 1
That soft kick made the student’s knee buckles backwards at a horrifying 45 degree angle.Muay Thai 2

The student screams in agony and slowly falls to the floor, with a dislocated knee. The master then pulled him up on his feet then calmly kicks his leg back into place.

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