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See The Real Reason Why Women Moan and Shout During S.ex Will Shock You

September 19, 2016
Scientists have discovered that a woman’s moaning does not really show that she is enjoying s*x. In fact, it shows something quite different.
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Two U.K. scientists have explored the “truth” behind the vocalization, which has drawn attention on social media and coverage on U.S. news channel CNN.
Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds published their research on the topic – technically known as “copulatory vocalization” – in the Archives of S.exual Behavior in 2011, according to CNN. They asked 71 s.exually active heteros.exual women aged 18 to 48 about their vocalization during s*x.
The result showed that 66 percent of them moaned to “speed up their partner’s climax,” while 87 percent said they did it to “boost the partner’s self-esteem.” Other answers included “to relieve boredom, fatigue, and discomfort during s.ex.” Surprisingly, the team found that many of the women did not make any noise during o.rgasm.
“There isn’t a lot of research in this area,” said Kristen Mark, a se.xuality researcher at Indiana University.
“But we’re bombarded with images through mainstream media that tell us moaning is associated with o.rgasm and s.exual pleasure. So it would be a fairly wise faking strategy to moan since men already tend to associate moaning with o.rgasm.”
There are counter-arguments that making noise turns some women on and they do it for their own good, not for their partners. Experts say many women use vocalization to help achieve o.rgasm.
Meanwhile, researchers show women are not the only primates who vocalize during s*x. Female baboons make a variety of copulation calls, which vary when they mate with a higher-ranked male baboon. Female macaque monkeys also use noise to speed up a mate’s o.rgasm.
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