Truth : See what Really happened to the BLACKEST BABY in the World



Everyone in the social network is bugging about the so called “DARKEST BABY IN THE WORLD” or the “BLACKEST BABY”. This photo of a baby has recently gone viral for a very weird reason. Would you believe that that photo is a baby or you would say it’s just a doll? Many netizens were asking if this photo is real or fake.

The photo is supposedly that of a baby recently born in South Africa; though a second photo has surfaced showing a much older toddler with the same skin coloring. According to social trends the photohas no origin or nobody claims it. There is also no report from mainstream media about this news. Guinness World Records doesn’t have this information also from their online database.

There are plenty of arguments in the said topic – a lot of people are saying that it’s a FAKE but some says it’s true. It is hard to decipher whether the photo was fake or not but if you look closely to the photo who will notice that the baby’s eyes in the photo is all black, how is that even possible? I may say that the photo is FAKE- it’s a doll not a baby. But the second photo with the toddler may be real, the only person who can tell whether it’s fake or not is the man in the photo.

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