Godfrey Baguma, a 47 year-old man popularly known as Sebabi (‘ugliest of them all’) was dubbed ugly because of his unusual looks which are caused by a rare medical condition that he suffers from. He has created media buzz after he recently fathered his eighth child with his second wife, Kate Namanda, 30 confirming that love conquers all.

The couple has six kids plus two children from Sebabi’s first marriage. The Mirror reports that he met Namanda when she was 18 through his aunt who played go-between and stayed with her four years before making it official because he was afraid of being rejected. “I told her that I didn’t choose to look the way I do and that if she feels I am a burden, she is free to (leave) me, but she chose to stay”

Godfrey Baguma and wife Kate Namanda. Source:africayaa