Youghurt seller gets rewarded with 3million naira from customer for 30 years of act of kindness



We’re used to hearing these words preached in our ears; “One good turn deserves another” and “What you sow is what you reap.”

How often do we get bored carrying out the same routine on a daily for one week?

What if you were asked to go on with same exercise for 30years? How consistent would you get without complaining?

I can bet less than 10% would agree to this task. Well here’s some motivation for the weekend.

This man sold yoghurt for 30 years on the street in Kaduna and he is nice to young children, he gives them free yoghurt when they don’t have money. The good he did came back to him when one of his awoof customer came and surprised him with 3 million cheque……
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