Early Warning Signs Of B.reast Cancer No One Talks About (It’s Not Just About Lumps)


Although lumps are generally considered the warning sign of b.reast cancer, any type of pain in the bre.ast is also an alarm to consult a doctor. B.reast pain can range from mild to throbbing and can indicate b/reast anomalies as well. The thing is b.reast cancer sometimes appears in the form of dispersed seed-like tumors which may also grow into the tissue as tiny tentacles.
Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, explain that bre/ast cancer does not necessarily appear in the form of lumps. Other symptoms are possible too, and these include irritation, inflammation, abnormal discharge from the nipple (outside lactation), formation of dimples, inversion of nipple, skin becoming red or thick near the nipple.
In the words of Dr. Naoto Ueno of MD Anderson Cancer Center, bre/ast cancers can sometimes only be marked by a tiny lump. Often, there’s no lump at all, simply the skin looks a bit different than normal, which is why b/reast cancer often goes undetected in its early stages.
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