HORROR : See What Happened to the Woman that Tureds Into A Snake In Ghana

It is a very shocking news as a young woman turns into a big giant snake and swallowed her boyfriend. A boy full of love was mercilessly looking for a love of his life,he searched tirelessly and all over internet and finally he got a girl with all the qualities he wanted. They flatted on text messages,whatsapp and send sexy photos to each other. The two love birds organized to meet and saw that it Was a good idea if they meet face to face and share a word of mouth.The ideas was right to both of them,they met,talked,laughed and romanced.
They indeed confirmed that they both fit each other and no mistake was made on social media photos. The following day the pretty girl proposed that they meet in a nearby forest so that they can have maximum time together,romance and even enjoy $3x in a private and romantic place to remember forever. Lead by love and anxiety, and the poor ignorant boy accepted the offer in happiness.
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