That was how some laughed at The Wright Brothers in 1900 when they started building the first plane, even their father laughed and said ‘my sons, if God wanted us to fly, He’d have given us wings.’

Today, the rest is history. A Nigerian, Owopetu Abiola, shared pics of an helicopter built by a young man who resides somewhere in Oyo state. He posted the photos on his page with the caption: “This Helicopter is a handiwork of a very gentle man in a little village near Oyo town. The copter can move from place to place but can’t fly yet. Please like this picture to show some love to the creative mind.”

Sadly, from my observation online, many of those who saw the pictures laughed at the Nigeria who built it. They say he’s just wasting his time, some even use very harsh words on him.

This is the first plane by the Wright Brothers. Compare it with today and appreciate humble beginnings!