See The Reasons Why Men Get E.rection.s Early In The Morning

October 10, 2016


Whether you’re a male or female, we’re giving you the hard and fast facts about the fickle morning boner mystery!

#1 A rose by any other name.
While we might like to call it “morning wood,” “pitching a tent,” or a “good-morning boner,” there is actually a medical term for sporting a morning e.rection. This term is called nocturnal p.enile tumescence (NPT).

#2 How morning boners get their steam.
Sleepy boners happen most during REM sleep, or the period during your snooze where you’re most likely to dream.
Does this automatically mean you’re having a naughty dream that’s provoking your little friend? Not at all. Because you usually come out of REM sleep in the early morning, your raging stiffy is just residue from your blissful sleep.

#3 It can happen to women, too.

All right, so women don’t get hard dicks in the morning but there is a v.aginal equivalent. That’s right, women get c.litoral e.rections during sleep. It has been suggested that this may be the body’s way of providing adequate oxygen flow throughout the body, including the genitals.
Similar to the p.enis, this oxygen and increased blood flow would stimulate the c.litoris and cause it to engorge. S.exy, right?

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