Unbelievable : See Why This Anglican Church Forced Bride to Wear Yellow Wedding Gown


Anglican Church has been shamelessly promoting discrimination against women and i CAN NO LONGER KEEP QUITE. This rubbish going on in the Anglican church has to stop. Any form of gender bias is ungodly. This church mandate that couple who want to get married must go for pregnancy test 2 weeks before wedding and if the woman is found to be even a day pregnant then she will be humiliated while the husband who got her pregnant will go scoot free.

I am elated when my friend invited me to her wedding which was supposed to hold at All saints cathedral Onitsha. I was billed to serve as one of her train. Imagine my shock when I got there 3 days to the wedding day only to see my friend crying herself to bits. She has lost a lot of weight and would not eat or be consoled. When I inquired to know what was eating her up. She told me she was pregnant and I was like  she should be celebrating after all her wedding was in 2 days time while her traditional wedding was done almost 2 months back. That was when she spilled the beans. She told me that the Church said that she would wear black wedding gown because she was not supposed to get pregnant before the wedding day. I was bemused. Worse is that they will not even inform you of this stupid law until you must have paid the wedding fee of N30,000. At that point, They will only have you at their mercy because its already late for you to change venue and your invitation cards may have been all sent out.

The part that worries me greatly is that the women are the target of this new discriminatory law. This is the 21st century for crying out loud. Why would the bride alone be punished for something that bothe She and the groom did? Why would the groom be allowed to adorned his full tuxedo while the bride is forced into some hideous clothing.

Yes, No sex before marriage is good but honestly it is outdated to not understand your partners sexuality before marriage. Worse is that some impotent people hide under the guise of born again to deceive other innocent people into marriages. Now when you finally end up with a barren or impotent partner, the same church will tell you that you must never divorce. Hell no.

This lunacy must stop. The Anglican Communion must clean up its mess and stop attacking women.

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  • Reply NIYI October 16, 2016 at 8:39 pm

    Please, a u talking naturally or scripturally?
    Bcos, if Anglican will even follow Bible completely, they are not supposed to conduct the wedding at all.
    Any body can go for court wedding if you know you can’t oblige.
    The standard of God stands all ages!!!
    FOR Reference :Hebrew 13:4

  • Reply Michael October 16, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    it is necessary you know the reason why certain things are done before blowing up yourself in ignorance. The veiling of a lady at Holy Matrimony means she’s not known any man while the wearing of white for the lady is a sign of purity but when this has been abused as a result of human disobedience and sinfulness, the church as a lenient church made a provision for such people instead of allowing them to go unweded, we only bless them, so doing, the lady will have to put on a coloured gown which various diocese determine their own colour.

    We are a bible based church and do everything in honour of God. The Church doesn’t honour any man to dishonour God. Spiritually as Christians, I hope you know that a union takes place at the moment of sexual intercourse and if a man and a woman have joined themselves by having intercause, we will be fooling ourselves to now come to wed such in a Holy Matrimony because we cannot deceive God.

    We all know sex with someone you are not yet married to is a sin, then let’s learn to keep the bed undefiled.

    someone will say what about the people who have been having sex and are still allowed to use while with Holy Matrimony. That’s true because the church doesn’t know of it and she will be free from any damnation before God but for the ones she know, she will continue to stand to fight against every work if evil and forms of unrighteous.

    We must return back to the fear of God. Marriage is honourable and the bed must be kept undefiled.

    God bless you!

  • Reply Grace U Anani November 26, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    But if i get her right she said that the lady’s dairy has been paid since two months ago, which mean that she is already married as the bible instructed, it is only bride price that is there in the bible, if she is pregnant means that she should go for a blessed marriage and not holy matrimony. whether holy matrimony or not as far as her bride price is paid it means she is married. so why crying to wear a white wedding gown? is there holy matrimony without a dairy? the answer is no. is has for-filed the first commandment. so happy married life to everyone who has done her T-Marriage, just like me i wish to wed in holy matrimony but my husband dont have the money so we are going for only T-Marriage 31 December, pls save the date..and after which we can do our blessed marriage. Thank you

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