“Covenant University’s School Fees Has God’s Approval, My Critics Risk God’s Wrath” – David Oyedepo


The Bishop of the Living Faith Church worldwide, has appealed to those criticising the school fees charged by Covenant University to desist to avoid incurring the wrath of God. He said the critics were acting in ignorance and risked incurring the wrath of God.

He said one of such critic smitten with a strange plague of chronic mouth odour over the act only received spiritual pardon following his confession and “my intervention before he was restored to dignity.”

Oyedepo said the issue of school fees paid by students of the university was a godly agenda to meet the demands of raising godly children in an environment conducive for learning.

He said such criticisms were products of ignorance as what students pay could not be compared with what obtained elsewhere that lacked facilities. “The school fees has Gods approval and is in accordance with the quality of facilities provided by the university in meeting the educational needs of the nation,” he said.

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  • Reply OMEKE EMMANUEL April 9, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Criticism is part of life, if one is not been criticize it means he/she is no body

    #Peace Daniel, If Jesus were on earth he can do any thing, he raised money from the mouth of fish to pay his bill but where do you expecte the man of God to raise money to pay workers and to improve the school.

    If the man of God had run the school free of charge for people it would have even be worst, we human being would have tag it that he is a ritualist, the question would have been where does he get the money from with which he run the school

    The man of God could have only run scholarship for limited number if student per year and he will not be in control of the type of trainings, their up bringing and their faith

    Now come to whether God spoke to him about the school fees or not

    #Peace Daniel what is your position in the Godhead are you in heaven with God to know what he can say and what he can not say or did you ask God and he said that he did not say so

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