This Is The Most Stupid Thief In 2016, You Will Be Shocked By How He Was Caught

A 21-year old man, Tosin Lamidi who burgled a woman’s apartment and stole her laptop and phone, has been arrested after the victim, Gift Nseobong contacted him and offered sex to him in exchange for her sim card in Lagos. The burglary took place at 8 Mutiatu Okesalu Street, Ikotun, Lagos where Nseobong resides. Lamidi was arrested at Ikotun Roundabout where he arranged to meet Nseobong to take her to a hotel as they agreed. He was arraigned in a Lagos Magistrate’s court sitting in Ejigbo where he was remanded in prison custody at Kirikiri, Lagos.

It was gathered that Lamidi allegedly broke into Nseobong apartment, stole the items, sold them and retained the sim card and started using it. However, when Nseobong bought another sim card and tried the number of the stolen phone, Lamidi picked the call. She engaged and pleaded to the suspect to return the sim card because of the contact numbers in the Sim card which are so important to her and offered to do anything in return. Lamidi then gave her condition which involved that he would sleep with her before he can release the sim card to her and she agreed. They arranged to meet at Ikotun roundabout from where they will move to a hotel for a s*x romp. However, that decision was what landed Lamidi to prison as he was arrested and taken to the police at Ikotun division where the sim card was retrieved.
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    Most of the christians doesn’t know what they are doing bcoz salah ram dat we are

    sacrifice is acording to what prophet Abraham did, u christians called Abraham father of beleiver, why don’t u follow him . U this looser .

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