Photos : Teenage Girls Become “Possessed” by Satanic Spirit After Receiving this Message On WhatsApp

January 15, 2017

Two teenage girls became ‘possessed’ after receiving ‘Satanic’ messages on WhatsApp, their parents say. The girls, aged 13 and 16, were taken to hospital after they were found ‘babbling incoherently’ at their home in Tacna, southern Peru, in the early hours of Friday morning. Their family filmed the teenagers wailing as paramedics arrived to treat them.

The footage also shows the girls, who were in their pyjamas, appearing to suffer from convulsions. 

A neighbour said that paramedics sedated the teenagers before taking them to hospital.

Doctors at the Hipolito Unanue Hospital said the girls had been in a ‘hysterical’ state, Diario Correo reported.

The mother of the teenagers reportedly told a neighbour that a sudden change came over the girls after they read a chain message on their phones at about midnight.

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