See What Lagos Big Boy, PrettyMike Posted About the ‘Masked Girls’ He Publicly Put in Chains Like Dogs

Lagos Night Club owner, who pays girls just so he can put them on a leash and walk them around like dogs, has spoken on his now-famous masked girls.
Popular Lagos socialite and co-owner of Club Uno, Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike, who is now famous for being fond of stepping out to events with girls on a leash and walk them around like dogs, has named his leashed girls his ‘women crush’, and hailed them for taking the pain for women’s right.
“WCW alert goes out to my Masked Ladies, u girls Rock. #TakingThePain4WomenRight,” he wrote in a dedicated post to the girls.
Meanwhile, many people have seen the viral photos of the Lagos Nightclub owner, and the comments on social media are buzzing as expected.
Below are mixed reactions from Nigerians, as culled from social media;
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