See How Tonto Dikeh almost ruined her marriage and chased her husband away


Over the past few days, the media have been agog with the crisis that allegedly trailed Tonto Dikeh’s 17-months old marriage.

The celebrity couple marriage breakup controversy is currently topping discourse on the lips of fans and foes alike.

Following the investigation carried out, an exclusive information gotten from the couple’s domestic staff who prefers anonymity revealed that the actress returned to her reckless lifestyle of smoking marijuana which usually triggers her to destroy family properties at any latest provocation. This was revealed to have happened over three times including burning the husband’s cloths and expensive interior valuables. The domestic staff (name withheld) disclosed that the husband Mr Olakunle Churchill has been in Ghana after his charity programme since last year to cool off, the disturbing tendencies from his wife to display superior disposition in a new family, even when they have a son to their credit.

The last straw that did not only break the camel’s back but eventually killed the camel was for her to be breastfeeding the baby while smoking. To avoid such obnoxious eye sore, Mr Churchill was said to have travelled rather than retaliate over her domestic violence prompted by ‘ highness’ which was maritally difficult to control.

As of the time of this report, Mr Churchill was said not to be at home in Abuja even after he showed online a few days ago to be teaching his son how to drive.

Further investigation at his office revealed that his contract staff who have not been paid since December had not seen him at the office.

A very close source however disclosed that he stressed sometime that he had no issue in his family, and that his wife does her domestic duties no matter whose horse is gored. ‎‎
A recent reference is the embarrassment an inside source revealed she caused during her mother in-law visit for house warming from America. The controversial actress was said to have pushed down the guest inlaw and broke some valuables like electronic sets, kitchen utensils, wine bar etc in her home in one of her many marijuana reactions.

The incessant dishonorable displays was sighted to have made her husband change his comfort zone to Ghana while the Instagram name adjustment which was done after he left because she doesn’t know what will be the outcome, was revealed also to attract public sympathy.
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