Yoruba Ladies or Calabar Ladies, who would you consider more Beautiful? (See Photos)

March 11, 2017
Nigeria is rich in diverse culture and tribes, there are lots of things that are bound to catch your attention in this wonderful country. We would be looking at the ladies you can find in Nigeria.
We have been able to make comparison between the Fulani and Igbo ladies in Nigeria. The Fulani and Igbo ethnic groups are important ethnic groups in Nigeria. However, this comparison would be one sided if we do not consider the Yoruba and Calabar ethnic groups.
The Yorubas are an ethnic group found mainly in the Southwestern and North central parts of Nigeria. They are also found in the Southern and Central Benin. Yoruba language is being spoken by people of this ethnic group; there are so many beautiful things about the culture of these people but for the purpose of this comparison, we would be looking at the ladies found in this ethnic group.
Now, no one is talking about those ladies with hideous tribal marks; there are some people who look more beautiful with their tribal marks though, but they would not be our target today. The Calabar ladies on the other hand are women from the Greater Calabar district; Calabar South, Calabar Municipality, Akpabuyo, Bakassi, Biase, Odukpani and Akamkpa. Do not forget Calabar hosts the popular carnival that makes Nigeria filled with people from all walks of life.
Going to the main issue, there have been lots of controversies on which ethnic group has the most beautiful girls. We would be showing you some pictures of girls from both ethnic groups.
Please find them below and tell us which tribe has the most beautiful ladies, remember, they all belong to one Nigeria:

1. Simply stunning

which would you consider more beautiful out of Yoruba and Calabar ladies?

2. Beautiful
who would you consider more beautiful, Calabar or Yoruba?

3. Who would you pick?

who would you consider more beautiful, Calabar or Yoruba?

4. Awww….

who would you consider more beautiful, Calabar or Yoruba?

5. Outstanding

who would you consider more beautiful, Calabar or Yoruba?

6. Who would you vote for?

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    Yoruba ladies are the most beautiful

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