FINALLY!!! Scientist prove That Life After Death Really Exist, Watch Video

September 10, 2017

The brain of a patient who had died continued to function 10 minutes after his heart stopped

– A group of doctors recorded this strange phenomenon during a study
The person’s brain continued to emit single delta waves
The brain of a dead patient, which a group of Canadian doctors was studying, was unexplainably active for over ten minutes after the time of his death.
These researchers from the University of Western Ontario had been monitoring the brain activity and heart beatings of four people who were in intensive care, after their life support machines were turned off.
There is life after DEATH! Scientists bring evidence following extraordinary and unexplained case
Is there is life after death? This study may pave the way for a better answer.The brain activity of three of those four patients stopped just as their hearts ceased to function, but they were amazed at what they experienced with the fourth person: he was already clinically dead, with no arterial blood pressure, but continued to release single delta wave bursts, even after his heart had stopped. These electric waves are normally present when a person is in deep sleep, and they are an indication that the brain is still functioning.
There is life after DEATH! Scientists bring evidence following extraordinary and unexplained case
The doctors involved in the study consider this case is “extraordinary and unexplained.” There are also reports that claim one in five people report “other-worldly experiences” while they have had cardiac arrest.
The finding from the study of these four patients was published in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information. The scientists expressed that their brain recordings were all completely different one from the other, which suggests all humans experience death in unique ways.
The timing of death throws up difficult questions about organ donation.

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