Photos: See how a Nigerian Woman Saved N700k In 7 Months With ‘Kolo’, Local Wooden Piggy Bank

September 15, 2017

This is something most of us in our 30s did…it’s not as popular now as it was back then. But a woman recently managed to save a whooping N700k in a wooden piggy bank popularly known as ‘kolo’. According to a Facebook user named Peace Ijeoma, who shared the photos, her friend managed the feat. She broke her kolo after 7 months and found 700k in it. More photos below…

She Posted the photos with the below caption;

She is a housewife, she heard about the piggy bank savings and decided to try it out.

This is from N500 from Oga for ice cream, N1000 for recharge cards. She decided to deny herself some of those stuffs and just put the money in her piggy bank.

She started the piggy bank saving in December and she has saved about N700,000 
She intends to use it to start a business.
She is going to surprise her hubby with this.

She sent me the photos to encourage someone else

This is to all the stay at home wives, you don’t have to wait for Oga to open a state of the art business for you. There is a lot you can to do to help yourself, piggy bank savings, small scale business etc


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