See why this Dad Choose To Go To Work With His Baby Than Employ A Maid

September 10, 2017

Usually, when we talk about who to leave a baby with when the woman is not around, the husband is hardly an option, but that’s not so when that husband is Shamora Collins. Just hold on!

Way back during my University days, I remember hanging out with two of my friends – a guy and a girl, both medical students. As our conversation progressed, my girlfriend turned to the young man who is also her classmate and  jokingly asked; ‘…imagine both of us were married, both resident doctors in training and lets say you were done with work early before me at around 4pm and I don’t get home till like 9pm, you won’t mind eating Indomie right?’

The speech that followed was very surprising as the young man answered: ‘Of course I would mind. We are both doctors, yes; but that does not mean I will start eating Indomie and garri because you work late’.

He later went on to explain that he had no problems with a woman having big dreams and aspiration; but because she chooses a seemly time-consuming field does not mean she would not cook his meals, wash his clothes, iron them, take care of the children and perform her wifely duties whenever needed. That’s typical of an African man anyway!

Meet Amazing Dad, Shamora Collins, Who Goes To Work With His Baby

However, there are a few men who have proven to be different. A Facebook user, Shamora Collins, is one of them. On October 3, he posted a picture of himself feeding his little baby with a very amazing piece of writing that would make any sane woman fall for him.

He wrote:

“When my wife wife’s maternity was done she wondered what we would do for baby Christabel since she had to resume work.. I thought of hiring a maid but after seeing brutal maids actions I told my wife I will be going to work with her.

“She laughed I told her I couldn’t risk my child with a maid. My work being flexible and my wife couldn’t go with her….. I took up the role….so I asked my wife how to bathe her, feed her, dress her and how to hold her which she gladly taught me…… Its a month now since I started working with my daughter…. I am happy and enjoying every moment, she no longer cries for the mum anymore……..

“Baby Christabel, thanks for being cooperative. She sits well in her car seat and listens to music and we drive to and from work as she laughs.

“Thanks my boss for letting me bring my daughter along. And to all my colleagues thanks for the support.

“Fellow men, dont get ashamed of your children…. play your role.

“Proud Dad.”

If only more men will begin to tread on this path…

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