Married woman with 4 kids and her lover found dead while they were having sex in a car in Ogba, Lagos

October 29, 2017

There’s a weird incident that happened just now, in Ogba Lagos, after a woman and her lover were found dead in a car in Ogba.

According to what we know, their “naked lifeless bodies” were pulled out of the car.. Apparently, they were having sex in the car behind the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba Lagos.

Reports gathered revealed that the car was packed by the roadside with the engine and the air conditioning running.

We don’t know what might be the cause of their death, as it can’t be suffocation, because the Air Condition of the car was on, with the engine running. many believe it’s as a result of a spiritual attack.

It’s also being reported that the woman is married with 4 kids.

The state public relations officer has been contacted on the incident and has promised give feedback.

Some reports from eyewitness;

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