“Tithes And Offerings Cannot Buy Private Jets” – Lagos Pastor, Blessing Agboli Says.

November 14, 2017

The spouse of the General Overseer of The Victorious Army Ministries International in Lagos, Pastor (Mrs.) Blessing Agboli, has debunked the claims that most church leaders with private jets acquired them using the tithes and offerings gathered from their members.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, Pastor Agboli stated that private jets are so expensive that no amount of tithes and offering can buy them.

In her own words,

“Offerings cannot buy private jets. You cannot just park a jet without making a business out of it. Owning a private jet is not a sin and those who have them should never be apologetic. I don’t think offerings can buy jets. I don’t think pastors also should apologize for making and spending money. That we are pastors does not mean we should be poor.” she said.

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