17 year old boy who got shot with 22 bullets, shares his life changing experience a year later. (Photos)

March 15, 2018
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A 17 year old young man with the name, Dmarius Jones, is currently touching the hearts of many people online after he shared his quite breathtaking story.

A year ago, Jones was shot twenty-two times by policemen but according to him, these bullets didn’t hit any of his main auteurs so he has God to thank for saving him.

Following his survival after months of recovery, being incarcerated, feeling depressed and what have you, he finally made it out of the life threatening state and he took to social media to share his testimony.

Jones revealed that he has been living a care-free life, he’d seen himself as someone who had no purpose on this earth but his experience of getting shot 22 times, changed him and his perception about life.

Jones wrote:

Lord so many nights I cried myself to see waiting for this day for everything to be over. Today is that day 1 year ago 22 bullets, months of recovery and suffering,4 months incarcerated, but a life time of life lessons. Thank you LORD all praise and glory be to you!!❤❤

People who were moved by his story then shared their feelings… Some reactions below,

Don’t know you homie but you did that shit Gods plan for real 💪🏿✊🏿

Thanks for your testimony..needed that. Jah bless soldier

King….. Bless you ♥ omg I’m so happy you are alive. What a testimony 😭😍😘

22 bullets? DAMN

bless you For Real! wow

Had to screenshot and send my brother, this should be his motivation to change.. god bless u🙏🏽

Who Jah bless, tell them meh say no man curse

More of his new photos below:

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  • Reply Olatomi olabisi Ajoke babalola March 16, 2018 at 4:17 am

    It a miracle god showed himself in is life 22 bullet even two can send someone to death god has a purpose for his life he should move closer to god

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