#BBNaija: “I don’t believe Nigerians love Nina & CeeC more than BamBam” — Teddy A

April 1, 2018

Teddy A is currently talking with Rico Swavey, and he’s of the opinion that tonight surprise eviction is a stunt, having that tomorrow is April 1st, April Fool.

While chatting with Rico after BamBam eviction, Teddy A says he can’t believe BamBam is just gone like that, as he cannot believe people love CeeC and Nina more than BamBam… Then he concluded that “They must be blind”

Below are some reactions:

@SwantaDear: #BBNaija uncle Teddy u wan vex me naw. Wat do u mean by ” you wanna tell me people luv Nina more than bembem”? U be learner sha so I forgive that statement. We don’t just luv Nina, we Die diaaaa..

funmilayo oshodi@Licia_Pearlase

Teddy A calling viewers blind for voting out bambam….

@slickguy_43: Even Teddy A can’t believe people love Delilah more than Bamike…#BBNaija @BBNaija

@TeAmor____: Lol Teddy says he can’t believe viewers love CeeC more than Bams….he can’t believe that…Teddy just mourn your Bams leave that matter #BBNaija

@Anerababe: Did Teddy A just say people love Nina more than bambam 😆😂🤣 hello ….yes we do ,we love Nina more than them girls all💃🏻#BBNaija

@llcoolstain: Lolu Reminds me of All those ITK friends of mine. lmao. How do u know BamBam wants teddy to have her scarf? Even teddy was surprised at him. Stop trying too much lolu. #BBNaija

@elsheila: Proud Teddy! ‘Are you trying to tell me people love Nina more than BamBam? Then they are blind’ Oga Alpha Male! Keep calm you will join BamBam tomorrow 😏#BBNaija

@AdimMarvin: #BBNaija TeddyA don’t believe that shit 😂😂😂😂Just ask Anto and KoKo they will tell you that it’s a Movement. Nina, Miracle

@Tracylove4k: Can you imagine what teddy is saying that he can’t believe they love Nina more than bambam even cee.. the way you all treated Nina like she is nothing that’s why the viewers love Nina. #BBNaija


TeddyA just said y’all are blind and fuck y’all ooo alpha male


Teddy: are you telling me that people love Nina more than bambam or cc, who the fuck are they?
Me : teidy lemme dry my tears, oga cry blood! No more flexing till day85


TeddyA just said y’all are blind and fuck y’all ooo alpha male


pls omg did yall just hear wht teddy said, are people trying to tell me they love nina and cee ceemore tham bambam , they are blind 😂😂😂😂


Lol did teddy just say “do nigerians like nina more than bam bam?” Guy yes o yes! 😂😂


Teddy A is a Big fool. The fool just asked rico. can you tell me that people love Nina more than bambam? They are blind

Winnifred Lander@divalander

Wait oo are you people hearing what this bastard teddy A is saying about my nina calling her That Girl… you Need to go Home!

Coca Cola Addict@Chinkooo__

Teddy to Rico: You want to tell me they love that girl(Cee-C) over her(Bambam)??….. They’re blind mehn. I don’t wanna believe that shit. Looooool. Teddy is shook.

Providence Lawson@provylawson

Teddy u better not be unfortunate this night, imagine him saying he doesn’t believe people love Nina more than bam bam, saying people are blind.

Steven Chuks@SteveChuks_

Teddy A just said and I quote “I don’t believe people can love Nina more than BamBam! If people do then they are blind” wow wow! How derogatory can a human being be???

Teddy A cried after BamBam’s eviction tonight. [See Photos Here]

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