“Davido’s Girlfriend Chioma is like a gold-digging prostitute” -Nigerian Man writes

May 3, 2018

Its No Longer News that Davido bought his lovely girlfriend of 5 years Chioma, a Porshe car worth N45M.

The news broke the internet and has continued to do so ,but a Nigerian man by name olakunle alison has taken to facebook to give his two cents about the whole scenario.

Olakunle Allison who described himself as a truthsayer wrote ;

A generation of women sold to money slave camps.

Sticking with a man to whom you are not married and who cheated on you with several women, impregnating two of them in the process (baby mamas) whilst dating you, and then became an accidental ‘baby-daddy’ is NOT LOVE just because he bought you a #45million car.

You are a needy, opportunistic, parasitic, gold-digging, low self-esteem sufferer. A Stockholm syndrome patient. You are not loyal. You are a liar. A prostitute and you share some moral equivalence.

The only reason any woman would endure contemptible treatments from a man is because of what she looks to gain materially and financially. Let’s stop ridiculing the word ‘Love’ for the sake of posterity so that they’d be able to distinguish between virtue and vice.

There is simply no virtue in staying with a man who openly disrespects you over a period of years. None. And buying you the moon and stars will not make up for him treating you like human fecal matter. Money cannot buy moral worth. Rather money distorts moral worth. And that’s what is happening these days.

Permit me to digress a bit whilst I elucidate on point of ethics.

Humans are created with a deep sense of moral worth. This simply means that every human being loves to be treated like a rare and precious stone. It’s just the way our Maker made us. The desire to be loved, admired, desired, respected, treated fairly and kindly is part of our teleology. So when anybody willingly and voluntarily subjects himself or herself to vile and inhumane treatments for other considerations it basically reduces that person to an object rather than a subject. The person has objectified himself or herself.

Believe it or not, what we are witnessing today is one of the unintended fallouts of the extreme faction of feminism: The Moral Self-Depreciation of Womenfolk. After all, the cardinal philosophy of modern feminism is CHOICE and SELF AUTONOMY. So who are we to question a woman who CHOOSES to stay in an abusive but profitable relationship? If she has a right to choose who stays in her body and a right to choose her role in a marriage, why not this?

I once wrote a piece on the tyranny of freewill (choice). Generally, humans don’t have the tool box necessary to make good choices. A man’s choice will only be consistent with his true nature. And man is deeply flawed by nature, hence his choices must necessarily be flawed. A greedy man will always choose money above morals, yet he needs morals more. A dog by nature must bark and a cat moan.

Knowing this, it is therefore suicidal to build an ideology on human choices and self autonomy. Nobody (man or woman) should be self autonomous. In reality, nobody is. Everyone needs a governing and regulatory authority that sets boundaries; both moral and spatial boundaries. This is necessary for the survival of humanity because our natural appetite is self destructive. We need to be delivered from ourselves.

Feminism is toxic not because of its intended consequences but because of its unintended ones, and we are already seeing them play out. If consistency matters, no hardline feminist should be able to condemn any woman who chooses abuse and disrespect over self dignity. IT IS HER CHOICE!

We should not teach our daughters that CHOICE is the best power they have. Knowledge is. With knowledge they’d understand that they don’t just make choices but that their choices make them.

The young lady’s choice makes her a disgrace.


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  • Reply Ayebamilowo Tunde(ROMA) May 3, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    Oga you are a fool for writing this nonsense, make them know say u study English abi? You are a big fool,if you da talk davido and chioma own what about 2baba and his wife is that not love? And if ur brain didn’t define love like that then what is love? … Even thou davido impregnat all the ladies in Nigeria since chioma know that and still stay with him no mata what then that’s love,davido is not a fool and not a small boy,he have eyes and sense of humor, he knows who love him genuinely and not so don’t come here and start running your mouth like a tap water just to show off,the girl is pretty enough to go for another man for 5years but she stick to davido no mata the issue that already define love,I guess for the past 5years davido no buy her car now or give her huge money but she stay ,now u da take nonsense you wa never chop morning food.and moreover their is nothing new in what davido has done,if I get 30billion too I fit buy car worth of 500m for my girlfriend, so why criticizing the two couples abeg make una shift jor,bad belle ppl wa never chop.

  • Reply Okorie enyidiya May 4, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Why are you crying with someone’s eyes,you are poor.thats just it,only a poor stricken man will reason like that.and besides who told you poor guys don’t have baby mama, my friend go and get a life and allow her to be.

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