Beyonce And Jay-Z Reveals The Faces Of Their Twins.

June 7, 2018

Celebrity couple Beyonce and husband Jay Z have revealed to the world the faces of their twin babies.

In a photo taken at their On the Run Tour II kickoff show on Wednesday in Cardiff, U.K., both musicians can be seen on a screen holding two babies. The messages “LOVE IS UNIVERSAL” and “LOVE NEVER CHANGES” are projected between the two images, which were displayed during a film at the concert.

A rep didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

However, according to a source, the babies are not the couple’s son Sir and daughter Rumi (who will celebrate their first birthday on June 13), but their little ones do make an appearance during the show.

“At the end of the show the Carter babies were included in a family collage [however] he babies in the film clip at the beginning were not their children,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Despite this, the stand-in babies had twitter is ablaze with excitement.

“Rumi and Sir Carter debut on #OTRII!,” tweeted one account, while another wrote, “THE TWINS. GEMINI LEGENDS.”

Fans first saw the twins one month after their birth, in a family portrait featuring the proud mom holding her babies and introducing them to the world

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