Nigerian Man Who Operates Multiple Accounts On Facebook Which He Uses To Defraud And Sleep With Ladies Gets Called Out By His Victims.

June 7, 2018

In a facebook incident a young man is being accused by members of a particular group particularly woman of defrauding them and sleeping with them, there after he threatens them and get huge amounts of money from them. According to the screenshots, the young man who goes by the facebook name “Williams Wilzon Anderson” has multiple facebook accounts which he uses to defraud unsuspecting ladies sometimes promising them relationships.

See the post:

#TABLESHAKINGLOADED. Sometimes last year in my group,a particular name JAMES CHUX joined my group and as the admin you can see when each account of a new member was opened . He used a fake picture of a cute guy chai the picture was cute ehn 😜 I wrote him and told him for security reasons we need his real picture and I questioned him why and what happened that he’s using a new account at some point I forgot about him cause I was busy .janes was always keeping the group lively with erotic posts of course my group is an adult group if you know what I mean. With his post a lot of ladies got interested in him then I was doing hookups, a lady sent me a message asking if I knew James that they have been talking and he’s talking about dating so she needed to find out more about him from me saying she trusts my judgement I then told her I’d make my findings and get back to her immediately I contacted the lady who invited James to the group , I asked her about him she said he’s a nice person blablabla they are good friends. I insisted I see his picture which James refused to do I removed him. After sometime because James had his thing planned out from the group he didn’t wanna miss the group he contacted me and told me he’d share his picture with me but I should please don’t share it with anyone saying that someone duped his uncle 7 million so his trying to help track the person down he sent me a picture claiming that was his real identity and I believed him.I went back to the lady James was asking out that told her that I’ve seen his picture that she shouldn’t ask me for it that James will show himself to her in due time I told her there was a reason for him using a fake picture so that was the end of that .. Unknown to me that James was making all those post just to be popular in the group.he was getting lots of comments the he created his own group called lLIFE CYCLES and added almost all the members of my group he made the lady he was asking out an admin and the lady that invited him to my group. Did I tell you that the lady who invited him to my group who said she knows him never knew him? Ok back to my story. Not until two days ago my inbox got bursted from left right center from different ladies telling me that James chux was ANDERSON WILLIAMS. that he went about asking all the ladies in the group out,turned them all against each other . He claims he lived in Abuja if any of his victims says she’s in Abuja he’d say he’s not in town. Some he’s slept with he threatened them and his victims were those big chick who got money. I chatted with 6 ladies about him . I got lots of screenshots and when I sent him an inbox yesterday evening sent him a message on WhatsApp he read and ignored not until I made a post on my wall I told him to tell me the truth Anderson SAID HE WASNT THE OWNER OF THE ACCOUNT FROM THE BEGINNING THAT HE BOUGHT THE ACCOUNT FROM JAMES CHUX blablabla . Under this post I’d drop my conversation with those ladies and the one I had with him. Some said they’d take the issues to RANT HQ to mess him up. My question is who knows how many ladies has fallen for this?

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