See what happened to the man after his Wife died While giving birth to 4 babies

February 10, 2017

Carlos Morales, 29, of Phoenix is now the sole parent of his three daughters and son.

Carlos Morales’ wife, who had been carrying quadruplets, died in January after childbirth.

A 29-year-old Phoenix man is raising his quadruplets after his wife died tragically last month after delivering the three girls and a boy she reportedly had worked hard to conceive, according to People magazine.

Carlos Morales told his wife, Erica, 36, that he loved her just minutes before she gave birth to quadruplets who were conceived through IVF.  She went into labor at seven months, and doctors delivered the babies by cesarean section, the report says.

Erica Morales went into hypovolemic shock, a condition in which patients experience severe blood loss, the report says. She died at 1:50 a.m. on Jan. 16 before she even had a chance to hold her babies, who were safely delivered, writes People.

“We were so excited to start our family,” Morales, who works in manufacturing, said, according to People. “And then it all came crashing down.”

Every day he asks himself whether he could have done something to keep his wife alive. “I went from having the best day of my life to the next morning experiencing the worst day of my life,” Morales said, according to People. “My four babies came into the world and then my wife died.”

But through his grief, he has managed to care for the babies with help from family and friends. One friend, Nicole Todman, created a GoFundMe page where people can make contributions to help Morales, who will return to work.

Two of the newborns, Carlos Jr. and Tracey, are already home, while the others, Paisley and Erica, remain at the hospital. The father visits them daily and attends free baby-care classes offered at the hospital.

“Everything I do now is for my children,” said Morales, according to People. “Our family and friends have been very supportive, too.”


Must Read : See The 7 Things Men Find Attractive In Women

February 2, 2017

While men can be seemingly complicated beings, there are a few character traits that will draw their eyes and attention to any woman.A pretty woman
So, if you want to have that extra advantage with the menfolk, then pay close attention to the things that attract men below;

1. A Friendly Demeanor: A man is unlikely to approach any woman he conceives as hostile. If you want to catch the attention of the guy you are interested in, make sure you have a cheerful attitude. Smile more, let loose and do not be afraid to let your fun side show.

2. Well Put Together: No matter how attractive you are, if you do not look well put-together as a woman, you are unlikely to draw men’s attention.

Pay attention to how you dress and how you look overall. A woman who knows how to put herself together will portray beauty and confidence, regardless of how much she spent on her outfit, make-up or hair.
3. Be Passionate: Men are unlikely to be attracted to dull women. You need to have something that makes you tick, and you need to express this passion. It could be your career, your family or your academics. The point is, when you are passionate about something, and it shows, you reflect an inner light that will draw anyone to you.

4. Sense of Humour: Just like women love men with a sense of humour, it also works the other way around. You do not have to be a comedian, but when you do not take yourself too seriously, others will enjoy being around you and conversing with you.

5. Knows What She Wants: Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows what she wants in life and focuses on getting it. Men do not want to be around a woman that is indecisive and cannot seem to make up her mind around anything.

6. Kindness: Being kind is a character trait that is attractive to anyone. If you seem mean and rude to those around you, men will find it difficult to be with you.

7. Educated: A man wants a woman he can have an intelligent conversation with. No matter how beautiful you are, if you cannot keep up a good conversation, he will eventually get bored with you. You do not need to know it all, just make sure there are a few life subjects that you know well and that you can shine in.



February 1, 2017

Singer Blackfacenaija has just taken to instagram to blast 2face’s planned protest;

LETS EDUCATE THE ILLITERATE AS HE LEADS THE PROTEST. I read Tuface Idibia’s verbal tirade in Vanguard in which he said he will be leading a protest against Buhari on the 5th of February for among other things not paying salaries of civil servants.
I think he needs to be educated about the efforts of the Buhari administration: So far Buhari has released three bail out funds to the 36 states in Nigeria totalling over N1.5 trillion in the last 18 months.
Apart from this another trillion was released as Paris Club refund money to the 36 states. Buhari emphasized the need for the states to prioritize the payment of salaries of workers and pensions of pensioners as these states receive the money.
Unfortunately, instead of some states to use the funds to pay off civil servants and pensioners salary and pension arrears they chose to loot the funds. A governor of one of the South South states siphoned N3b of the funds using his mistress as a front and now the mistress has run away with the funds. Tuface Idibia you can now see why Nigerians are suspicious of the motive and source of the funds for the protest you want to embark on. Why didn’t you lead a protest against these governors who mismanaged the Buhari bail out funds and the Paris Club refund money? Why did you not protest against GEJ’s looting of N51 trillion naira and the Godswill Akpabio alleged looting of over N1 trillion naira from the Akwa Ibom state treasury for which he is being prosecuted by the EFCC? Why didn’t you protest Akpabio’s alleged corrupting of a Supreme Court justice who is currently being tried for corrupt practices on the bench? Is it because you are a corruption apologist? Is it because you are the agent of corruption fighting back? Is it because you are part of desperate plot to poison the hearts and minds against a fantastically incorruptible President who fights the corrupt no matter whose ox is gored? We your fans want to assure you that if you go ahead with this protest we will reevaluate our support for you and it may be downhill for you afterwards. Rethink your actions and reflect deeply.



February 1, 2017


Anita Rama broke the internet recently moments after she was gang-r*ped by a faceless set of people. She took to Facebook to make the announcement in a very bizarre form.

According to her, she was Hot prior to the s*xually abuse and she actually enjoyed the men taking turns on her. The controversial post massively attracted the attention of followers on Facebook.

It is not clear if the r*pe incident actually occurred as there was no evidence to back it up.

See a screenshot of her Facebook post:



February 1, 2017


A Hausa/Fulani man and strong supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari has declared that there will be civil war and bloodshed in Nigeria if the president should die.

Haruna Maitala posted the warning on the Facebook page of a group known as Nigerian Civil Rights Movement, in the wake of the wicked rumour that has been making the rounds on the death of the president.

Maitala was unequivocal when he said that the Hausa/Fulani would never accept a situation where the Vice President, Yomi Osinbajo, would assume leadership of the country because power belongs to them and they are not ready to let it go.

The Jos, Plateau State-based Maitala added that in the event of Buhari’s death, anyone taking over must be of the Hausa/Fulani stock or there will be war in the country and that as long as the person is their brother, they will be satisfied.

This is what Maitala wrote:

“President Buhari is healthy and enjoying his time in UK. God forbid if Buhari is to die, Christians/Southerners should not celebrate because Osinbajo or any other Christian will not take power because this power belongs to the North (Hausa/Fulani) we will never agree to lost (he meant ‘lose’) power how we did in 2010.

If Osinbajo did not resign, then another civil war awaits Nigeria. Or Buratai should stage a coup. Or they should bring anyone else from the North (Hausa-Fulani) as far as our brother is in power we are satisfied. This should serve as a warning.”

With this mindset of Maitala and his likes, no one knows where Nigeria will be heading if anything should happen to the president.


Must Read : All women Should Know These Symptoms Of V.aginal Infection

January 27, 2017

The female’s reproductive organ is the most delicate part of her body. The v2gina is the most sensitive part that has to be kept free from any form of infection. Like the other parts of the body, the v2gina has a small number of bacteria and yeast.

v2ginal yeast infection is a common health problem in women. It is characterized by excessive growth of yeast in the feminine part which is associated with itching and severe irritation. This kind of infection can be treated as early as at the initial stage. However, its treatment depends on its severity. In addition, this infection can be spread through se.xual contact but generally, they are not considered as a se.xually transmitted infection.

Although it is not s.exually transmitted, the following can increase the risk of getting the infection:
1.) Taking too much antibiotic can alter the population of bacteria in the v2gina, causing yeast to overgrow
2.) Reduction of moisture in the feminine part caused by wearing tight jeans and undergarments.
3.) Excessive use of talc powder or perfume for the v2ginal area
4.) Washing the v2ginal part with water and vinegar.

Just like any other type pf diseases, yeast infection has a set of symptoms that has to be observed for proper treatment. Commonly, the length of period the infection is untreted impacts its severity.
1.) Severe itching and irritation around the surface of the v2gina
2.) Burning sensation can usually be felt
3.) Excessive v2ginal discharge characterized as whitish gray and thick fluid (although sometimes watery)
4.) Painful sensation when urination because of the soreness and rash around the surface of the v2gina
5.) Painful se.xual intercourse

v2ginal infection should be taken seriosly as it may lead to more dangerous infections. Usually, this disease is treated by medicine prescribed by doctors and professionals. While consuming medicine, obe should take note of the following:
1.) Sanitary pads are safer than tampons
2.) When washing the feminine area, use water and as much as possible, avoid using scented soap
3.) Avoid s.exual intercourse if it is painful
4.) Avoid scratching the v2gina with fingers. Instead when there is irritation, pat a damp cloth on it or sit on warm water.

CARE OF v2gina
Because it is the most delicate part, the v2gina should be given extra care
1.) Use clean water and mild unscented soap when washing the v2gina
2.) When using toilet paper, avoid transferring yeast from anus to v2gina by wiping from front to back.
3.) Wear properly fitting cotton undergarments
4.) Change pads or tampons often, do not use the same sanitary napkin for long periods of time
5.) Avoid using unnecessary deodorants or perfumes as they may alter the bacteria in the v2gina.


Source: PeanutDaily


See what Nollywood Actor Osita Iheme has to say about his fight with Chinedu Ikedieze

January 27, 2017


Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme, who plays comic roles alongside, Chinedu Ikedieze, also known as ‘Aki’, has denied the existence of a rift between him and the latter.

This was in response to an earlier rumour that both could not stand the sight of each other and only got along only on the movie set.

Speaking concerning the subject in an interview with Punch News’ Sunday Scoop, Iheme stated that he still has a good relationship with the actor.

He attributed the alleged beef between them as a media invention which has nothing to do with him and his colleague.

“There is no hostility between Aki and me. We are still best of friends, and we are on good terms.

We talk when we need to, and any report of fights between us is the figment of the writer’s imagination.”

They are famed for their funny and mischievous characters, attributes that have endeared them in the hearts of fans


Tonto Dikeh’s husband & PA who was accused of sleeping with him, both spotted at night club

January 25, 2017


Lool.. This is interesting… Tonto Dikeh’s Husband, Oladunni Churchill and his PA, Actress Rosaline Meurer were spotted in the same night club.

This is coming after she denied having an affair with him in an interview with HipTV. See below a photo of Churchill in the same club that same night. See also an highlight comment above where a user ousted his PA for being all over Churchill at the night club.



12 Things A Man Should Never Do For A Woman “No Matter How Much You Love Her”

January 24, 2017


Most men act childish when they are really in love and this has cost them a great deal. It is not bad to please a woman but over doing it makes one stupid. As a man, you must be smart enough to read in between the lines to know what’s favorable and what’s not.
We are not saying you shouldn’t be romantic, it is a good thing to be romantic but not to the detriment of yourself and you should know that, just because something might be done in the name of love does not make it the right thing to do and these are the few you should try as much as possible to avoid or never be tempted to do for a woman, regardless.
1. Steal For Her
Obviously, we all know where this will end you and by the time you will be back, someone might have taken your place. Never allow anything to push you to steal in order to please your woman because if she later finds out you actually stole a gift for her, she might drop you, unless of course, you are in it together like Bonny and Clyde.
2. Pay For Her Education
It is not a bad thing to support her education, if you can help but to take full responsibility for everything to your own detriment can be dangerous. We are all humans and we change from time to time, most men actually think funding a girl’s education means they’ll be forever indebted to them, ending up getting married to them but we’ve seen several scenarios where the women will end up finding love elsewhere. This has been suicidal to many men.
3. Buy Her A House When You Don’t Have One
Common sense should tell you, you should build your dreams together but not favor her and think of yours later. Building a house for a woman when you don’t have one yourself can make you is wrong in every way. When she finally jilts you and lives in it with another man. There are many men still biting their fingers over thism.
4. Fight Another Man Because Of Her
Fighting because of her doesn’t prove anything. Two things are likely to happen, either the person beats you to a pulp and end up in the hospital or you will beat the person and end up in jail, either way, you don’t win. Unless it is for self-defense
5. Reject Your Family Because Of Her
A family is everything and no matter what, you can’t reject them because your woman doesn’t like them. It will be very dangerous on your part to reject your family all because of a woman.

6. Change Your Appearance

These days, there are many men doing a lot, taking pills to make changes to their bodies all because they feel that’s what women love. Changing you to please a woman means the moment you stop trying she’ll go, ideally, people you be with should love you for who you are.
7. Give Up On Your Dreams To Satisfy Her
So there are many men out there who gave up on their dreams to help their woman achieve theirs or were discouraged by women. These same women dumped them afterwards. Never do this after reading this.
8. Being Over-Submissive
It is nice to be sweet to your woman but always learn to set the records straight and don’t try to always appear weak to her and succumb to all her wishes in the interest of pleasing her. Truth is, women actually hate weak men and will prefer you’re sweet and sour.
9. Starve Yourself For Her
Never forfeit your food for her, at least you can share but to give all to her and go hungry, that’s not love, that’s stupidity.
10. Kill For Her
Never ever even think about executing such an atrocity for a woman no matter how convincing the situation is, because if you end up in jail, another man will take your position.
11. Die For Her, Literally
So many men have committed suicide because of a woman. What’s the sense in it when you’re finally dead and gone. Live to fight another day
12. Add yours

“Help me thank God… I dun marry Oyinbo” – 32 year old Nigerian man

January 24, 2017


A man has just married his Oyinbo cougar in a court wedding that happened yesterday at the Ikoyi registry, Lagos.

He is currently trending right now on social media and he is said to be 32 years old from ondo state… He is a father of 2, children he had with his first “other wife”.

Sources said he shouted:

Help Me Thank God…I Don Marry Oyinbo!!!

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, a guest at the wedding, Chris Ayo Joseph of Redsheet magazine, also said the man’s kids attended the wedding and during the event, when they called him “Daddy..Daddy”, the man replied in Yoruba disgruntledly ” E ma pe mi ni daddy mo, se e ti gbo”. (Don’t call me daddy, hope you’ve heard).