Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui reacts as boyfriend closed the wine shop he opened for her

June 19, 2018

Fella Makafui has reacted to the news of her boyfriend closing a wine shop he opened for her.

We had earlier reported the news with pictures showing goods from the wine shop getting offloaded.

A source revealed that the boyfriend whom she has dated for about five years opened the wine shop for her and also the three bedroom apartment she currently lives in.

“She no longer respects the guy. On multiple occasions, she has called for an end to the relationship but anytime the boy tries to move on, her parents will intervene and calm him down.

“This is the fourth apartment the same guy has rented for her. What got him even furious is that recently, he saw a four-wheel drive in the house and when he asked of the owner, Fella gave him a cheeky response and so he decided to end everything and that is why he is shutting the shop, which he rented for her,” the source revealed.

However, Fella Makafui has shown in an Instagram post that she is ready to put all of that behind her and move on.

The post also suggests she doesn’t want to see her boyfriend again.

Fella Makafui wrote:

*”Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again. The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” (‭Exodus‬ ‭14‬:‭13-14‬ NLT)”*. #daviespalace #aireepads #carnivalstrawberry#beautybyfellamakafui.”


‘Video Game Addiction Is A Mental Health Disorder’ – WHO Says

June 19, 2018

Video gaming can be addictive in the same way as cocaine or gambling , the World Health Organization said Monday in a much anticipated update of the I

Video gaming can be addictive in the same way as cocaine or gambling , the World Health Organization said Monday in a much anticipated update of the International Classification of Diseases ( ICD- 11 ) .

“After consulting with experts across the world , and reviewing evidence in an exhaustive manner , we decided that this condition should be added ,” Shekhar Saxena , director of the WHO ’s department of mental health and substance abuse , told AFP .

Online and offline “gaming disorder” is grouped with “disorders due to substance use or addictive behaviours ” in the ICD ’s 11 th edition, the first major revision in nearly three decades.

The wording of the new entries has been known since January , when the WHO announced problem gaming would be recognised as a pathological condition .

Key symptoms include “impaired control ” — notably the inability to stop playing — and focusing on the game to the exclusion of everything else .

“The person does so much gaming that other interests and activities are ignored , including sleeping and eating ,” Saxena said by phone .

In extreme cases , gamers unable to pry themselves away from a screen drop out of school , lose jobs , and become cut off from family and non -gaming friends . The overwhelming majority of video game adepts are young , many in their teens .

Symptomatic behaviour must continue for at least a year before it is considered dangerously unhealthy , according to the new classification .

Some 2 .5 billion people — one-in -three worldwide — play some form of free – to-play screen game , especially on cell phones , but the disorder only affects a “small minority ”, said Saxena .

“We are not saying that all gaming is pathological .”

– Push – back from industry –

The games industry raked in $ 108 billion dollars worldwide in 2017, more than double movie box – office receipts, according to Superdata , which tracks the games and interactive media sector .

Nearly 40 percent of those sales are in east Asia , especially China and South Korea . Other important markets include the United States , Britain , France , Germany and Brazil .

In South Korea and the United States , clinics have sprung up to treat video game addiction, along with community and online support groups .

So – called “shooter games ” such as “Fortnite ” — described on the support website Game Quitters as the “hottest game in the world ” — are either played online or on offline consoles.

The inclusion of “gaming disorder” in WHO ’s revised catalogue of diseases met with resistence , both from industry and some experts .

“The WHO process lacks transparency, is deeply flawed , and lacks scientific support ,” Michael Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association , said in a statement in March.

In a study to be published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, a group of 36 researchers said there was insufficent evidence to warrant the new category .

“Given the gravity of diagnostic classification and its wider social impact , we urge our colleagues at the WHO to err on the side of caution for now and postpone the formalisation ,” they wrote in a study reviewing academic literature .

The ICD identifies about 55 ,000 separate injuries , diseases, conditions and causes of death, and is widely used as a benchmark for diagnoses and health insurance .

“It enables us to understand so much about what makes people get sick and die , and to take action to prevent suffering and save lives ,” WHO Director – General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement .

The new ICD also includes for the first time a chapter on traditional medicines, used by millions of people around the world .

The ICD- 11 database can be consulted here : https : / / icd .who . int/ browse 11 / l -m / en


Nollywood Actress, Mercy Aigbe Acquires Her Own House

June 19, 2018

Nollywood Actress and mother of two, Mercy Aigbe is the latest landlord in town as she just purchase her own house in a choice area. She took to her I

Nollywood Actress and mother of two, Mercy Aigbe is the latest landlord in town as she just purchase her own house in a choice area.

She took to her Instagram page to share the news along with pictures.

She wrote:

Throwback to my birthday…. my beautiful sis @ceolumineeofficial gave me this cake as a birthday gift and this conversation ensued between us….

Luminee – before the year runs out you will buy your own house…..

Me: Luminee pls leave me oh! The one I have been building since I haven’t finished!

Luminee : Aunty mi, I am not talking about the one you are building, I am talking of the one you will buy in a beautiful choice area in lagos!

Me: Ha! Where will I get plenty plenty millions of naira to buy that one!

Luminee- Aunty mi don’t worry God will bless and empower you 

Me: Amen oh!!!!…. And I laughed!

Little did I know that the lord uses the foolish things of this world to confirm the wise! ….and out of Luminee’s mouth, the lord gave me a testimony …….









It’s the Lord’s doing and it’s beautiful in my sight!

Few months after that cake gift, I bought a beautiful home for myself and my kids in a choice area in Lagos!!!!!!!!

Say hello to the new LANDLADY…..

Thank you Lord Jesus!


It can only be you Jehovah!

When I say Grace found me, I mean the amazing grace of the Lord found me…….

This is just the beginning……..

Latest LANDLADY in town, to God be the glory!!

Pictures below:


Nigerian Man Allegedly fleeing from SARS dies of internal bleeding after hitting his chest on an iron gate

June 19, 2018

A young Nigerian man has died of internal bleeding after hitting his chest on an iron gate allegedly while fleeing from SARS operatives.

The deceased, whose name was given as Emmanuel Sunday Opeyemi a.k.a Awilo, met his untimely demise following the chase by SARS operatives at Tarmac, Abeokuta, in Ogun State.

According to online reports, Awilo and some other citizens were around the overhead bridge at Tarmac where a military officer mistaken for a yahoo boy was harassed last week. The SARS operatives returned to the venue days later and when Awilo and others sighted them, they fled to avoid further harassment but, while running, he hit his chest against an iron gate and it pierced his ribs. He later died of internal bleeding.


LASTMA Officials Allegedly Detain School Pupils Over Driver’s Traffic Offence.

June 19, 2018

Some pupils of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus School, Isolo, were reportedly detained by officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LA

Some pupils of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus School, Isolo, were reportedly detained by officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, after the school bus driver allegedly violated the state traffic law.

Punch Metro learnt that the bus driver had penultimate Wednesday gone to pick up pupils of the school at their houses in the Isolo area of the state.

He had reportedly picked up two pupils in the neighbourhood when he was accosted by two LASTMA officials, who accused him of not using a seat belt.

It was gathered that the steering of the Sienna bus was taken over by one of the LASTMA officials, who drove to the agency’s yard at Isolo.

The pupils were reportedly held for over three hours and were released after their parents went for them.

The vehicle was allegedly released to the school proprietor after an undertaking was signed.

A parent, Mr Ikem Okuhu, whose kids were in the vehicle at the time, said the encounter traumatised his children.

In a petition to the Lagos State Ministry of Transport, Okuhu said his children were released after his wife visited the LASTMA yard, adding that the officials insulted the woman and asked her to go to court if she felt her children were ill-treated.

Okuhu’s lawyer, Nnamdi Nwonyishi, who wrote the petition, dated June 6, 2018, copied the General Manager of LASTMA and the Officer-in-Charge of LASTMA, Isolo.

The lawyer demanded that the officials be disciplined, in addition to an apology and payment of N5m for general damages.

Nwonyishi threatened that if the demands of N5m, an apology and sanction for the officers were not met, the case would be taken to court.

The Public Affairs Officer of LASTMA, Mahmud Hassan, said although he doubted that a school bus was involved in the incident, the agency would investigate the allegations.


Fans call out ex-BBNaija housemate, Princess over her surprising ‘new’ hips

June 19, 2018

Fans of Big Brother Naija 2018 have questioned new photos of Big Brother Naija 2018b product, Princess.

Princess Linda Onyejekwe is a Nigerian-American model and P.R expert. She is a graduate of University of Nigeria.

Princess who has been out of the spotlight for a while now, was called out by her fans after she posted a photo which showed her hips being slightly different from what the fans were used to.

Some section of her fans accused her of using photoshop while others attributed surgery..

Princess shared the photo above with the caption ;

Been down and out for some days now but this first few rays of sunshine make me appreciate the gift of life🍇

She always made it clear she would love to work on her body.

See fans reaction below ;


‘Don’t return home if you lose to Nigeria’ – Maradona warns Argentina coach

June 19, 2018

Football legend, Diego Maradona is unhappy with his country’s World Cup draw with Iceland, warning the national team manager, Jorge Sampaoli that he would not be welcome back home unless he changes his tactics.

Argentina got a rude shock in their opening match against Iceland and need to win their remaining matches against Croatia and Nigeria to be able to avoid the disgrace of an early exit from the Russia World Cup.

“If he carries on like this, Sampaoli can’t come back to Argentina, it’s a disgrace. Not having prepared for the match knowing that Iceland are all 1.90m tall. I get the feeling there’s a general anger at the heart of the team,” Maradona said.

He added that the road to qualification is difficult pointing Nigeria as a stubborn opponent that may stop them in their last qualification match.

‘’The Nigerians are young and very fast. Their counter-attacks and pace are a beauty to behold. I wonder how Sampaoli will do it. All I know is that he would not be welcomed back to Argentina if he does not guide Argentina to beat Croatia and Nigeria to qualify.”


Mikel Obi a bad number 10 for Super Eagles – Mourinho

June 19, 2018

Sequel to the opening Group D World Cup match of the Super Eagles against Croatia on Saturday which ended with a 2-0 victory in favour to the Crotian team, Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho has disclosed that Super Eagles captain, John Mikel Obi is a bad number 10.

Mourinho stated this after Nigeria’s loss to Croatia on Saturday. The Portuguese gaffer, who signed Mikel for Chelsea in 2006 and converted him from an attacking midfielder to a defensive midfield, said Nigeria has lost a good defensive midfielder in the person of Mikel.

Speaking as a World Cup pundit on the Russian TV station, RT, Mourinho said, referring to Mikel: “Nigeria lost a good No.6 to get a bad No.10.”

Mikel has often played an advanced role for the Eagles, while he played a much deeper role for Chelsea successfully for close to 11 years.

The Eagles will face Iceland on Friday needing a win to keep hope alive.


Rihanna spotted with rich African man weeks after rumored split from Arabian Prince, Hassan Jameel

June 19, 2018

Following the rumoured split between pop star Rihanna and her billionaire beau Hassan Jameel, eagle-eyed people have kept watch over the dating life of the singer.

Rihanna was recently spotted with a mystery black man whom MTO claims is a ‘wealthy African man’.

The singer and actress was seen leaving the ‘Scotch’ nightclub in Mayfair at 4:45am with a pair of sunglasses on and her hoodie up over her head. She seems to have enjoyed a very late night out with her crew after the premiere of ‘Ocean’s 8’ the day before in London.

Rihanna left holding a handbag with love hearts on and a unknown male companion was seen getting in to her car before the pair was chauffeur driven off in to the morning.

That unknown companion is being described by the local media as a “wealthy African man.”

See more photos below;


S.A Lady gushes over Nigerian Men, wishes to marry one

June 19, 2018

HEADS UP GUYS, A Beautiful South African Woman has penned some loving words about Nigerian men, and says her wish is to end up marrying one!

Read her tweets below;

“When It Comes To Women, Nigerian Men Are The Kings Of Africa” Despite the hatred and distrust by many South Africans on Nigerians living in South Africa,Nigerian men are greatest men I’ve ever had a relationship with. would love to get married to one if she can find one. I’ve been scared of what people will say. But funny enough, I love them and would like to marry one”.

“Nigerians men are better than South African men. Nigerian guys spend money on them because apparently, their South African guys are not that… I have seen a case where you give a South African girls money that is not that much but she’s like so surprised and so happy. Nigerian guys ball out and spend so much money on us, and take us shopping…I mean they like us.”

“South African men should forget about the scare tactic of lying about narcotics regarding Nigerians, we ladies discovered it’s a blanket lie. Nigerian men know how to treat women; spending money on them instead of writing poems.”

“Nigerian Men ain’t got time for poems, they give you cash , Love and a good time. South Africa has one of the world’s highest rates of rape and murder of women. More than 40,000 cases of rape are reported every year, figures which are thought to only represent a fraction of actual attacks.”

“I am so obsessed with naija guys but i don’t know why. i really dont like guys from my country South Africa or Botswana. More women are murdered , wounded , battered by South African men than in any other country. This means if you are in relationship with a South African man, you are more likely to be abused or killed. I won’t mind moving to Nigeria or bringing a Nigerian man down to SA , I will take go care of you.. I love Nigerian men… Pls retweet so my Nigerian king can find Me.”