Baby Girl with heart issues Assisted by Kanu Heart Foundation in 2001 is Now 19yrs old


A 4-year old girl that was brought to The Kanu Heart Foundation 15 years ago who had a heart problem and was attended to and sponsored all through her surgery by the footballer’s foundation is now 19 and in a university.


The footballer posted the photos on his page and we are so thrilled. God bless everyone with a foundation.

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  1. gbenga says:

    I must confess to all Nigeria pple that,the police men,and SAS. that government ask to be protecting villagers .they re not doing there work,is only yahoo boy they chasing up and down arresting and collecting urge amount of money from only military pple I believe that we have in nigeria.SAS police is a disgrace to this country most expesialy in ile Ife isun state

  2. Grace Ani says:

    Its ok

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