Why I Can’t shave Of My Beard – Pete Edochie


When Pete Edochie speaks ,you know you are in for an inspiring and educating ride.In a newinterview with Vanguard, the veteran actor speaks on his beard,politics and more..Excerpts

Your beard is as old as the grey hair on your head. Will you ever shave it off for any price?

No, I wouldn’t, no matter how much you would pay me. It gives me character. I have always played abig man in my movies. If I am not a leader of a cult, I am an Igwe or a native doctor. There must be something inspiring about you. Something that frightens people, that terrifies them, intimidates them when they know that you are coming. When you clean-shave, you lose that character.

For how many years have you been growing your beard?

I started growing beard when I was 23 years.

And you have not shaved the beard since then?

It’s not necessary. I could trim it, but I will not shave my beard. I will carry it till the end of my time. I have a lot of hair on my head, and there is so much power in the hair. You read about the Bible story of Samson and Delilah. Our Lord

Jesus Christ never shaved off his hair. There’s so much power in the hair.

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  1. Riczy says:

    Who ur beards EPP?

  2. Theresa warime says:

    Interesting that is very nice sir, I wish many men can be like you sir

  3. every LEGEND with a principle…kudos to you ma mentor

  4. Solomon, says:

    My best actor is chief pepe,

  5. chinasa says:

    u are indeed a legend wit absolute discipline!

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