“Am I Cursed? Every time I Meet My Cousin We Always End Up Having S.ex” – Nigerian Girl

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A girl is in need of urgent help to stop a very bad habit. According to Yoanswers, the girl has been sleeping with her cousin for a long time now and can’t seem to stop.

Somebody please help me. I am really close with my big cousin and we have always had a connection. I am 15 and he is 17 and we have quite a big family so there is quite a lot of family get-togethers.

Since I was 15 he has been looking me up and down and feeling my bum when we hug and sliding his hand up my leg and I kinda liked it. He even did under the dinner table and I got really horny and some of my family suspected something and I often got quite awkward. So I decided it had to stop, so after dinner one night I took him up to my room so we could talk in private and I was about to ask him to stop doing it when he got the wrong idea why I’d taken him to my room so he started kissing me and rubbing my area and he slipped his hand down my trousers and started poking me.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to stop so after that he took his trousers down and asked for me to give him oral s*x, so I did and he put me on the bed and got on top of me and took my skirt up and my underwear down and had s*x with me.

It started to become a frequent thing every time we got together, but after a while our family started to suspect something and kept us apart, put us at separate ends of the table etc. but we always managed to get together again and have s*x. Now, it happened at birthdays and at weddings.

I knew it was wrong and I want it to stop but when I’m there I just can’t bring myself to ask him not to.

So, it keeps happening and I feel like I have no control over it. I have gone on the pill since this started because I always know its going to happen. But, I need it to stop. How do I stop it because I can’t? Please, help me.

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13 Responses

  1. You can get off dis stupid,naive nd wayward attitude by prayin 2 God 2 take control of ur life,nd if dis can b done,u wil av 2 avoid him 4 a period of some tym nd control urself especially.by dis i think it wil b done sucesfuly.

  2. You can get off dis stupid,naive nd wayward attitude by prayin 2 God 2 take control of ur life,nd if dis can b done,u wil av 2 avoid him 4 a period of some tym nd control urself especially.By dis i think it wil b done sucesfuly…

  3. kabiyesi says:

    Put it in prayer and start avoiding him for now! God’ll help you

  4. agoro says:

    Dis is not d matter of prayer.prayer works for spirtual matter not phyical things book of jeremiah says if u turn ursef to me den I God we turn to u. 2kro 7vs 14 says if my pple dah call by my name callon me d issue is if] so it wen Force urself to say no to him just make attempt forcing and shout no no no. And c wot will hpn.not a cursed o it’s u want it in dy way

  5. Peterrock choplife says:

    Young lady u are under a spell so u need prayer of deliverance then u need 2 act fast b4 your life got ruin totally

  6. Favour Asinya says:

    pray about it and and never come close to him again, bicus if you refuse to do something spiritual and physically about it, one day those peels will fail you, and the result will be pregnancy,you know is a very big disgrace if thats happen, a stitch in time saves nine

  7. Michael says:

    Confess to your parents let them fully aware of what your are passing through, both of you are still teenagers, they have control over you, and they can take a drastical action.

  8. prince says:

    u need deliverance

  9. Olatunde says:

    Dis is nt accrptable,is better u dont tell any of ur parent at all cos is goin tp turn to a big shame on u guys in d nearest future,

  10. tunde says:

    waoooo gentle lady u wud hav not start wat u wont finished but my advice for you is to put it in prayer nd wit fasting i think GOD WIL do wonderful things since u hav tired of it may GOD help u.xory dear be prayerfull

  11. Tonwe Roland says:

    Decisions are had to take, you have to decide whether to quit or not and if u want to quit you must face that stupid boy seriously with anger and query , treating him that you will report if he refuses to stop

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