I’m In Love with my sister’s Husband, What can I do to make Him divorce Her and marry Me ?



I am a 23 years Old and Have been in a relationship with my sisters husband for 5 years now without my sisters noticing,sometimes we stay together,sometimes i stay away from them,

It started immediately i cleared my high school..i dont know how its happen but i felt in love with him because he was my 1st man,up to now i love him and he too loves me,

Im almost Done my university studies only some months remaining… I have told him to break up because i dont want my sister to know this but he insisted on marrying me!

Im totally confused by now because i need 2 settle after my studies.

What can i do to make them divorce?

Advise me please

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13 Responses

  1. Ayo says:

    You are out of sense what a shame your elder sister

  2. Dan Bogoro says:

    I think u should stop ur plan to take over ur sisters husband from her,is not done in the life of Christian.Remember it can bance back to u,the man only need that which is in between ur legs,stop such love is not right.I love u, but God love u most.

  3. Kelvin says:

    u don’t HV to break dem u should find ur own husband cause u will be hurting ur own sister by doing dat

  4. Florence ajibola says:

    Kill your sister. Stupid & idiotic girl. So you didn’t get anybody to love & marry but your sister’s husband. Nemesis will soon catch up with you. Useless girl.

  5. dnt mary him, jst keep on f**king him cuz dat is what u guys wanted.

  6. James says:

    You are sick, you need help

  7. Kemi Rafat oyelowo says:

    U need mental evaluation, cos i blive u shuld be in aromental by now

  8. henry says:

    Kill yourself,den. U will marry him fool

  9. Useless girl you should go and kill your sister.I think that should be the solution,so that you will marry your sisters husband.idiot. mumu.mugwu

  10. mfoniso p says:

    ur deliverance needs 5 candles and 7bottles of olive oil.

  11. Adjo says:

    Of all the men around, you only noticed your suster’s husband for marriage. You are demon possessed. Go for deliverance.

  12. Ojefia Favour says:

    The Man Do Not Luv U Or Ur Sister, If He Does He Wil Nt F**k U Nd F**k Ur Sister. This Is My Advice 2 U God Luv U More, Confess Ur Sin B4 Ur Sister Nd God Nd Move On With Ur Life Nd U Wil C Wht God Has Package 4 U. May God 4give U.

  13. Rev john says:

    You are a bundle of disappointment and shame to yourself and your family. Ask God to forgive you

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