Ladies : Do you know That If You Eat This Soup, You Double Your Chances Of Bearing Twins!



So years back, a little town in the western part of the country called Igbo Ora in Oyo state, Nigeria came into limelight after it was dubbed as the ‘twin capital of the world’. You could barely get to a household at Igbo Ora without seeing a set of twins.

And what is the mystery behind this rare phenomenon? The natives claim it is their diet! – they believe that a kind of okra leaves, locally known as ewe ilasa, is capable of making women who use it give birth to twins.

Consuming the leaves regularly over a period of time may help in conceiving twins if it’s your so desire.


According to a native of Igbo Ora:

“Delivering twin babies is our industry here. We are the ones producing more twins than any other towns in Nigeria, and that is what our study reveals because of the symbolic reason that we prepare okra leaves as soup more than any other soup,”

He noted further that: “There is no man or woman in this town who does not know how to eat okra soup. We cook the leaves called ewe ilasa (ilasa leaves) more of which we consume than any other soup”


My lovely ladies that want twins… what are you waiting for?

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  1. Ayomide demilade jenrayo says:

    I really love twins babe

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    i really really love twins am hap for u

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    I need a woman who can give birth to twins

  4. oji japhet says:

    I am from the family of twins and I need a woman who is from same root

  5. thomas nancy says:

    I love twins, God I pray my first born should b twins in Jesus nam

  6. emmanuel says:

    I like twins

  7. tosin bakare says:

    I really love twins am hoping to have dem someday

  8. God I have d Faith that I will give birth to twins, in Jesus name, Amen.

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