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4 Responses

  1. Jesudaogunpada says:

    Greediness Leads To Vanity I Don’t Know That Pride Has Led This Girl To Craziness Well I Wish Her Best Of Luck

  2. oamen frank says:

    I think u should be talking about love not wealth.a man with self esteem.a man with vision.a man who can love you for u not because u have money.I just wish u get these words correctly

  3. Johnson O.I says:

    God will punish you, who u be self… Stay there nd wait for d Guy with such amount nd before u no it u enter menopause…. Good for U..

  4. Dharmorlar says:

    How much does ur father has wen he marry ur mother b4 u were born… Mumu talk.. I pity ur life

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