Must See Photos: “No Woman Is Hotter Than Me” – Nigerian man Brags



In a series of photos the effeminate shared on his Social media pages, he claims that nobody is hotter than he is, not even women who have b.reasts and other feminine features.

He says as he stepped out for work one time during the week, his colleagues said “he looks hot” – that comment to me, is just sad… An effeminate, who looks hot? Shaking and twisting my head 360 degrees.

More of his photos below:



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4 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    you are scaring… who told u that u are hotter ….this homo

  2. A 2 z says:

    Dat guy s mumu and s A baster too cos how can A man change himself to woman

  3. TeddyB™ says:

    ain’t that the gay dude who said he has slept with so many Nigerian gaylords…some prominent people within our country….this dude damn looks like a masquerade!!!

  4. Johnson O.I says:

    U need to be hang to death…

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