Photos : What later happened to this bride that wore this Nonsense on her wedding day


A bride has the right to wear whatever she wants as long as her groom, family and the church is okay with it but what this bride wore to her wedding caused major debate on social media with many saying it was inappropriate.

Even the bridesmaid join sef…lol. But what do you guys think, was it too much?

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2 Responses

  1. Gideon Eyoren says:

    I think we shd learn to mind our businesses, Bride is not complaining and d Groom is not complaining but we r here taking d headache. Life is all about Choices. She could hav used something better but d Husband Liles it dat way so I see no problem with dat. Many would want to use d exact wedding Gowns but r not just old enough or their husband won’t accept such so we should allow those that can and wish them d best.

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