Photos : See how This white Woman Was Caught Making Love In A Taxi

A shameless topless woman was seen enjoying the moment of attention as she climbs and sits on the rear window of a moving taxi showing off her ample assets to the ongoing traffic.

The woman was allegedly having s*x inside a taxi when an eagle-eyed driver spotted the scandalous scene.

The woman later on realized that she was being filmed. But instead of covering up, she climbed out and sat on the car window then flashed her b.oobies for everyone to see.

The half-n.aked woman seems to enjoy the attention that much and gives onlookers quite a scene.

Her actions caused quite a stir on the ongoing traffic while her partner inside gave everyone the thumbs up in a gesture of approval. Apparently, the taxi driver doesn’t seems to be bothered to what the pair was doing and quietly enjoys the show in his rear-view mirror.

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